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The Calm Joy Candle Co

Wildflowers + Sea Air Scented Gold Tin Candle

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jasmine, sea salt, lemon, rosemary

Looking for long burning botanical candle for the perfect evening at home?

Imagine this: sweet and delicate jasmine mingles with the fresh, ocean air of sea salt, like a secret garden party happening right on the beach. Then, a zesty lemon cuts through with a bright, happy vibe, because who needs the blues when your candle smells this good? But wait, there's more! Earthy rosemary whispers secrets of hidden meadows, keeping things grounded, while geranium tiptoes in with a touch of class, like a tiny flower fairy in a designer outfit.

Light this candle for a quiet night in, a relaxing bubble bath extravaganza, or a dinner party that'll make your guests swoon. It's the perfect way to set the scene for pure cozy vibes and sophisticated chills.


  • coconut wax blend candle for a long 30 hour burn, travel tins a 15 hour burn.
  • crackling wooden wick for the ultimate ambience
  • reusable gold tin for all of your up-cycling needs