Coconut Wax: Where the Growth Happens

Coconut wax isn't just any wax, it's the champion of long-lasting fragrance, just like the unwavering spirit that fuels your personal growth. Our candles act as a steadfast companion on your journey of self-discovery, leaving you free to focus on what truly matters - embracing growth.

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Behind the Scenes

  • Carefully Crafted

    The Calm Joy Candle Co. wants you to feel great about the products that you bring into your home, so each candle is carefully crafted and lovingly handmade. 

  • None of the Yuckies

    We intentionally create each candle with natural ingredients including sustainable coconut wax, ethically sourced wooden wicks, and non-toxic fragrance oils.

  • Black Woman Owned

    We're a Black-woman owned brand bringing you coconut wax wonders that burn brighter with sustainable vibes that just won't quit.

  • LD


    "I Love everything about this candle. It smells absolutely amazing! Not overpowering, but definitely fills the room with a soft fall scent. I also Love that it is Coconut based, Gluten-Free and Non-toxic. Definitely will be purchasing more and can’t wait to try different scents."

  • Yanil

    "I'm in love with this candle! Love the fragrance. I can say it's unique because, I can't seem to remember or have any similar fragrance before and that makes me feel special at home. Love the wood wick, is better than the regular one. You should definitely try it, no regretss!!"

  • CF


    "I have never had a candle that not only puts off fragrance in the entire room - but throughout the house. I have been burning this candle every day and night for WEEKS and it is just now a little over half gone. My home smells like a fall daydream. 10/10 will be spending way to much money here in the future, 10/10 never going back to the mall AGAIN."

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