Behind Our Brand and Company

chandler pouring candle with silver pitcher
The Calm Joy Candle Co. was founded in January 2021 by me, Simone Maldonado, mother of two and a mental health professional.

I started making my own candles as an eco-conscious alternative to mainstream candles. In 2016, my high-risk pregnancy with my daughter made me more conscious and aware of what I was putting in and around my body. I’ve always absolutely adored candles and still wanted to find a way to enjoy them, without the yuckies! So in 2020, I started making coconut wax candles during my pregnancy with my son. And here we are…a candle company with long-burning and super-fragranced candles!

The Calm Joy Candle Co. is focused on helping you find the beauty in simple living and finding the ability to choose joy, even in the most difficult of times.  Choosing joy looks different for everyone and our company focuses on choosing it in a calm way. A full life doesn’t have to look chaotic and sporadic. One’s life can often be lived in a consistent and daily way that will sustain the calm simplicity of choosing joy. By choosing joy, we can begin to experience a simple, but full life. 

Scented candles have been one of the personal things that I have used to help me in my journey of caring for myself-mentally, physically, and emotionally, which is what ultimately sparked the beginning of this business. I started making candles in order to share this form of self care with others, so that you all can experience the benefits of high quality self care through the medium of candles, through collections that resonate with me. I have a passion for uplifting and empowering others through mental wellness and self care. As many have now noticed, there was a lack of awareness for the need of self care prior to the pandemic, so I’m also on a mission to normalize it, especially the high quality kind that is truly an investment in yourself.