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  • honey candle, bourbon candle, gold tin candle, travel candle, sweet candle, smoky candle
  • gold tin candle, travel candle, travel tin candle, honey candle
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The Calm Joy Candle Co

Honey + Bourbon Scented Gold Tin Candle

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honey, bourbon, clove, brown sugar, tobacco

Looking for a long burning candle that makes a cozy haven?

Imagine this: the warm, sweet scent of real honey mingling with the rich, aged notes of bourbon. But wait, there's more! A spicy kick of clove joins the party, because a little mystery is always fun. Then comes the sweet surrender of brown sugar, smoothing things out. And to top it all off, a touch of earthy tobacco adds a sophisticated depth that'll make your nose do a happy dance.

It makes a legendary gift for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life (like delicious smells and the occasional indulgence).


  • coconut wax blend for a long 30 hour burn time, travel tins a 15 hour burn
  • crackling wooden wick for the ultimate ambience
  • reusable gold tin for all of your up-cycling needs