Snowflakes & Snuggles: Unveiling Our Limited Edition Winter Scents ❄️✨

Hey there, candle lovers!

I can hardly contain my excitement to unveil our newest winter collection! As the founder of The Calm Joy Candle Co., I've poured my heart and soul into crafting two limited edition scents that are sure to whisk you away to a winter wonderland.

Drumroll, please! Introducing the stars of the show: Peppermint + Cocoa and Pine + Berry Sap. ❄️

two amber glass jars labeled with kraft labels on a rug

There's something about the chill in the air that calls for cozying up with the perfect scent. Picture this: the invigorating blend of peppermint dancing harmoniously with the rich, indulgent notes of cocoa. It's like a warm mug of cocoa sprinkled with a refreshing hint of peppermint - an absolute winter delight.

a peppermint and cocoa scented candle being lit with a match

And then, we have Pine + Berry Sap. Imagine a stroll through a snow-dusted pine forest, the crisp scent of pine mingled with the sweetness of ripe winter berries. It’s nature's embrace in a candle, perfect for those who seek the essence of the winter season.

a hand holding an amber glass candle jar labeled and scented with pine and berry sap

But here's the deal: these babies are limited edition—and trust me, they tend to vanish quicker than snowflakes in the sun. So, if you’re keen on turning your space into a winter retreat, you might want to act fast!

What makes these scents extra special, you ask? Well, just like our beloved signature collection, our winter candles are handcrafted with love using coconut wax, featuring those oh-so-soothing wooden wicks, and fragranced with non-toxic goodness. Because we not only care about creating an ambiance; we care about the air you breathe while enjoying our candles.

This season, we’re not just bringing you candles; we’re bringing you experiences. Picture crackling wooden wicks, flickering warm light, and the wafting aroma that’ll transport you to your winter happy place.

Cheers to winter magic!

xx Simone

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