A New Year and New Scents

Happy New Year Everyone!

We hope everyone’s new year is off to a great start! Hopefully you have some great candle scents making their way through your home to help you start your year off right. We ended last year with some of your favorite scents for the holidays and the New Year.

With it being a new year, you're probably ready to try out some new scents. We all love to stick to our "oldies, but goodies", but trying something new can be a great thing, too (hey, that rhymed!). We often want things to change in our life, and what better way to start these changes than by starting with changing the small things.  

Lighting and burning that perfect scent can give your space an entirely different energy to help you get a fresh start. If you want a peaceful year, see what scents will bring peace into your home. For you that could be dating, finding love, having financial aspirations, or spending more time with family and friends. As you make these changes in your life, be open to trying a new scent that will encourage this year's endeavors. 

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